Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to NFFL (Flag Football League)

It seems a controversial issue in the National Football League, which relates the number of hits fatal defensive players, where players make other players around the field with their helmets to the reader to run his head.

Suddenly we have this information, if it was a record year for a concussion to try such a damn pass on to their players, wants the NFL to the new rules on the things that completed the defense of the NFL to apply.

There is also a question of the NFL, to take photos of these successes terribly so for those who want to see yours all day. This is a bit weird because now suddenly the NFL is as much a hypocrite and greedy at the same time or not is another thing to open the collective bargaining table.

This season has been a little strange because it seems that someone up again by the NFL. Since then the Chinese gave a damn about American football?

So maybe all these things are what one would expect if there is no salary cap and pursue the next agreement between the players union and owners can not continue, even with the Crazy Talk sports commentators talk about 11 hours package. The reason will say that I is that NFL players get up to 58% of the team and play more, I think it is time for the owners of the players union to speak for a walk.

You've heard guilt trips about how the owner can not for some of the greatest players in the NFL who have to fight somehow in life that must be provided in order, but was not responsible for the player or his union to do this? Although the owners are responsible, why this must be, unless we fans as they are greedy as a player and owner. Here we go with the Birds of a Feather waste.

NFL players do. How many employers are willing to workers 58% of the input tax? And still want more. But would you be surprised that in fact all the money. Yes, it is in the hands of a few, where they go and hide to the grave, who know this place.

I understand that things get a little crazy to get in the NFL, but maybe that's what happens when you with great players who seem to have more of their secret hiding place, and I hope no one will play out.

Good luck in your trading and hopefully it will not work stoppages and blockades which seems very likely that next year. It would be unfortunate, because it will do, if women can not watch the game football man by two groups of greedy can not decide what to do exactly, other than delay.

So if the league wants to do this then you can also flags on all the players and change the name of the National Flag Football League. Hits are part of the game. Unnecessary shocks as it should be punished. But a general wall carpet, that is ridiculous.


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