Wednesday, January 19, 2011

National Football League: Say No to tyrants! The second part

If a mother and father feel that their children are a bit porky chowbuckets often try healthier foods for all the Twinkies, cookies and chips are pulling children by their throats to replace. In addition, we will see how come the players of the National Football League to problems and healthy alternative to recommend activities and entertainment for them.

1) Strip Clubs. NFL players seem inexorably drawn to these companies. The attraction is of course to see diverse and exotic creatures on the screen there. And in some strip clubs, by observing these creatures up close. In others they are required to keep a distance for safety - and you her.

Alternate Activity: Visit your local zoo. Attraction to the same, really: the animals of interest, the exotic habitats. But infinitely more educational and the City Zoo has a much higher class of customer, so that you can make. I can not remember a single episode of a famous athlete in the arrest of the zoo. Once or twice, bitten a visitor to the zoo, but apparently it can also strip clubs happen.

Alternate Activity 2: Take ballroom dancing. Why just watch others dance on stage or in the bar when you parade on the same floor? And athleticism of the players in the National Football League gives him an advantage, so to speak, on the contrary, people take dance lessons with him. Just at the talent that looks Emmitt Smith Dancing with the Stars was. Although no John O'Hurley.

2) battles and other disputes in bars. Recently even got a Green Bay Packer, if you do not believe in trouble for allegedly pushing and pressing a woman one night in a consumer setting. The hit had claimed linebacker Nick Barnett started. (To be honest, I was not aware that the idea was considered a criminal offense, especially after the times I rode the subway in New York.)

An unfortunate consequence of this incident is now Green Bay Packers fans have to listen to the taunts of Vikings fans: "Dude, that the best all year Barnett was done!

The reason why many athletes have unpleasant experiences in the bars is simple: excessive alcohol consumption, people of normal intelligence is reduced to a level of thinking a little less stupid and aggressive tendencies normally suppressed, fans and suddenly both players. petty people who are jealous of the money and fame of professional athletes sometimes deliberately trying to provoke a discussion in the athlete. Cause of a player's National Football League paid aggressive, never be a good choice. But like the NFL game when news no. Only the second person who launched the coup, the athlete often the price of an outbreak by a drunk fan

Alternate activity: learning to cook. To be an expert cook is great fun, and you can entertain your friends at home and avoid the bar scene and the unpleasant situations at all. You have to go and buy food, but the fans are probably not at war in the production hall. For the players, the single is, merchants can be a great place to get women who impressed that you know how to use ingredients such as radicchio rabe and broccoli to do justice.

Alternate Activity 2: see political debates. Take these aggressive tendencies to scream at the television when a politician says something particularly stupid. Since the two major political parties are full of nuts these days, the opportunity to express their frustrations are endless. You never feel the need to visit a branch to drink again.

Or, if you hear enough political nonsense, maybe you will.


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